Egg roll taco, Asian slaw, 5 spiced, braised Sher Wagyu rib straps, Yuzu Kosho

salsa verde. 18

Avocado Louis Salad, spring vegetables, buttermilk dressing. 15

Brunch Pie of the day, Green salad, honey and wasabi. 22

Herbed pea and egg tart, green salad, honey and wasabi. 18

Brunch Brownie, tahini, honey, coulis. 8

Buttermilk Waffles, Miso caramel, berry coulis, coconut yogurt, fruit. 18

Mushroom Kiev, black garlic, Yuzu kosho salsa verde, Asian slaw. 20

Pork meatball sando Burger, pickles and cheese, salt and vinegar potato
shards. 22

Prawn toast, lime tartare, capers. x3, 15

Karaage, Chicken/vegetable, lime tartare x3, 12


(Surcharges apply on public holidays and Sundays, 10% )

About our meals

Payment is cashless and online only prior to delivery and pick up. This menu changes weekly and as we develop, we will have some specials to choose from. We will have photos of ingredients and finished product for people to use as well as a easy step instructions for the finishing off of their prepared ingredients. To start with we will do delivery on Thursday and Friday between 2-5pm, Actual time will depend on number of deliveries and the route needed to be taken. We can text 15 mins before delivery. Esky on verandah. Pick up can be from 2-6pm. An actual time will be allocated through Obee for social distancing purposes.