The Shared Table Home Delivery

COVID-19 has thrown us a curve ball and we are excited to meet the challenge and continue to create, serve and deliver food that is delicious and surprising.

So for the time being we will be doing this in the form of delivery and pick up from our beautiful restaurant. To comply with social distancing we have a separate entry  and  exit door with staggered pick up times. If you would like contactless delivery we request you leave an esky out front or somewhere obvious. We will text when your meal has arrived. Please include your email when ordering so we can send you our easy directions for assembly of your meal.

If you have any questions or concerns please email us at [email protected]

Delivery times may vary depending on the amount of deliveries and the route we need to take. Please allow 20 mins either side of your booked time and we will contact you if there are any problems.